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About Us

The Dine India Restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food.

Our Story

The Dine India Restaurant, Serving Best Indian Cuisine Since 2014

Dine India offers exquisite Indian curries and dishes. Enjoy the magnificent Tywyn beach with the food from east, cooked with pure Indian flavour just to spicing up your evening.

As an ongoing business development from January 2014, we have started providing Indian catering food and service at your doorsteps to make your event remarkable. Dine India Cuisine Ltd is a bespoke Indian Caterer company, With years of Indian food experience, we can create your perfect party or function every time. Our aim is to provide you, our customer, with the best resources needed to create astounding and memorable events
Dine India Cuisine Limited” provides INDIAN catering/hospitality service for all types of occasions such as:
** Wedding
** Reception and Engagement
** Children Parties
** Corporate Parties
** Birthday Party
** Religious occasions
All covered at an affordable package price.

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Our Food Policy

Food safety is one of the most important concerns at The Dine India Restaurant. Some strict policies and procedures have been followed here in order to ensure that food-borne illnesses are not allowed to spread.

Taking proper precautions in food plating and serving is our prime concern. Proper handwashing and dishwashing make our environment healthy and hygienic.

When storing food, we always follow the FIFO plan: First In First Out. Newer food is stored at the bottom of the stack, leaving older food more likely to be used first.

We always clean our table after each customer has been done on his/her dine. Hand sanitizer and other anti-bacterial handwash have been kept in a separate bucket and we change all those most frequently.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, health safety is our most concerning issue. So we do not allow any of our employees to come to the restaurant with fever, cough, sneezing, or other symptoms.

Our Core Values

Core values act as our business’ compass, guiding any and all business decisions including hiring, menu adjustments, marketing, and management style.

But at The Dine India Restaurant the Core Values are TASTE and QUALITY. And it is the Taste of the East and the quality at its best.

Indian spices are the most delicate in taste, color, and smell. Our core value is to use authentic Indian spices in all of our dishes, which makes them subtle in taste, beautiful in color and exquisite in smell.

In the coastal town of Tywyn we maintain its culture and norms from the deep of its root. We serve our honorable customers according to their needs.

We use HALAL meat in our dishes and maintain a proper channel and certification that makes us distinct from other restaurants in the area.

The leadership quality of the management has made the restaurant one of the popular place for the community.